TRUTH without Grace 

is a PRISON,

Grace without TRUTH 


"For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ."

John 1:17

          January 1, 2020, Yeshu'a Ministries will be debuting the Leslie Montgomery Truth & Grace program.   The producers of the show, including Leslie, have felt led by the Lord, to create a format where often taboo topics within the body of Christ are discussed openly, without condemnation, but with truth, grace, and most importantly, redemption.   While we want to believe the demoralizing and traumatizing statistics of the world have not affected the church, the truth is, they've penetrated it.  Leslie will be interviewing a variety of people on topics such as abortion, domestic violence, homosexuality, suicide, sexual assault, sexual addiction, and a barrage of other topics like pastoral burnout, suffering, living with the death of a child, bitterness and unforgiveness, people who have been wounded by the church, and so much more.  Unlike other Christian television shows, Truth & Grace will not be merely a program about one person's story, but about providing sound biblical advice about overcoming through Christ, and will feature pastors, theologians, and other experts in the field who can help listeners find freedom in Christ through the Bible.  

Why the name Truth & Grace?

          The Lord put this show on our hearts months ago, and as we began praying about it, as often happens with the Lord, the words 'Truth & Grace' repeatedly showed themselves to be prevalent in what the Lord wanted in the title.   The prayer team felt strongly that 'truth' needed to be first and foremost in the title, because in today's world there is so much 'greasy grace', that is, confusion about God tolerating sin because of His love for us.  In order for us to truly understand and appreciate His grace, we must first know the Truth of God, how much our sin cost Him, and that grace is not a given, but is a gift.  Thus, the name, Truth & Grace was born.   

What does Truth & Grace really mean? 

          After God gave us the name of the show, He took us directly (literally) to John 1:17, which says, "For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ."     This verse defines the difference between the Old and New Testament and the ministries of Moses and Jesus.  God gave Moses the ministry of law (think Ten Commandments).  The purpose of the law is to show us that we fall short from God's ideal of perfection, that we are broken (Romans 3:20).   This is important for us to recognize. Everyone sins and we all fall short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23). Jesus' ministry was not only to bring us Truth, but to bring us God's grace through His sacrifice.  Instead of just telling us we were broken like the law did, Jesus gave us the way to fix the problem by providing a way for us to experience forgiveness through His sacrifice on Calvary.  How does grace fit into all of this? Well, first,by realizing there is nothing, including good deeds or being a "good person" that can save us.  So, how can we be saved?  By God's grace, through faith.  Grace is unmerited favor. That is, you can't earn it, but you can get it through faith.  Faith is believing and trusting in God and His Word.  For more information about this, please click the 'Find Peace with God' tab.