“Pence critics ought to read this account with an

open mind. They might be surprised to learn

about the human side of the vice president.”

Russell Pulliam


Book Review By Cecil Bohannon:

“Leslie Montgomery’s new book The Faith of Mike Pence

will likely be panned by many reviewers as a ‘puff piece’

biography designed to flatter the sitting Vice-President

and his core of evangelical Christian supporters. This

is a mistake…the purpose of her book is not to persuade

the reader to agree with Pence’s positions—political or

religious. Rather it is to document one man’s spiritual

journey—from his mother’s womb to the present day. To

this end it succeeds splendidly. Pence’s harshest critics

will understand the man better after reading the book as

will his most ardent fan and the many others in between.”

About Leslie Montgomery

Leslie Montgomery is a ghostwriter for some of the nation’s most prominent evangelical and political leaders,  and is the go-to 

author for faith-based biographies.  Among several other books, 

Leslie is the author of The Faith of Condoleezza Rice, The Faith of 

Mike Pence (August, 2019), and The Faith of Sarah Huckabee 

Sanders  (2021 release). She has been the Director of Publications, Managing Editor, and staff writer for the American Association 

of Christian Counselors, a freelance and script writer, radio  personality, Bible teacher, and a humorous and inspirational speaker. Leslie has written for secular and religious publications for over 25 years including USA Today, FOX News, The NY Post, 

The News Commenter, Crosswalk, Western Journal, Chuck Colson's Prison Fellowship, Charisma Magazine, and Focus 

on the Family, among others. 

Leslie was a speaker on the collaborated tour of Chuck Colson and Billy Graham (Operation Starting Line), and has traveled around the world with her speaking and teaching ministry.  

She is the recipient of the SME, Woman of Excellence, Women Mentoring Women Award, given to her by journalist Lisa Ling, 

for impacting the lives of others through her own accomplishments and for serving as an example to others 

of strength and fortitude in overcoming life's  challenges. 


Leslie studied pastoral counseling at Taylor University and is currently enrolled at Boise Bible College to further her studies 

in biblical languages.   Leslie is a sought out speaker and Bible teacher. She writes for radio, print media, television, written and digital publication and production. She is married to Dallas Anderson who works for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, is the mother of four, and the grandmother 

of six children.  She resides in Boise, Idaho.  

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Yeshu'a is a Hebrew name of God that means,

'To save or deliver from tightly confined places.' 

At the request of Vice President Mike Pence, I recently went to Washington, D.C. to meet with him.  It was the first time we'd ever met, but it was like meeting someone you've known all your life since I did over two years of research on him for The Faith of Mike Pence.  What I can tell you after meeting with him is that what I was told about him by all 58 people I interviewed for the book is true; he is indeed a man of God, 

and a man of integrity.  I was graciously given an extensive private tour of the West Wing, and went through the White House tour that the public gets to enjoy the following morning.  The best part of the trip, however, was attending Vice President Pence's Wednesday afternoon Bible Study that he started right after he took office.  I was joined by over 60 White House staff members.  


Mike Pence is a decent man -- Here's why

Leslie Montgomery Being Interviewed on the Eric Metaxas Show in NYC


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Leslie Montgomery on Mike Huckabee's TBN Show

Yeshu'a Ministries Proudly Supports Victims of Sex Trafficking and Domestic Violence

There will always be something bigger than ourselves. Naturally, at some point in our lives, we seek answers to the things we can’t understand. This is especially true when we are facing challenges that seem impossible to overcome.

God knows all about it, which is why He gave us the Bible. The scripture, with all of His teachings, will serve as our guide to life. All the answers are in the book. That’s why we at Leslie Montgomery Ministries set out on the journey to share its content in different ways, including books, talks, and other related programs.

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