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         Join Leslie and The Ruby leadership team for our first open-to-the-public luncheon on January 9th. After gathering with influential leaders over the last year and buying them lunch, and brainstorming about how to best meet the needs of women and children in Idaho and surrounding states, we will be meeting and offering those who join us a guest speaker on a leading topic, lunch, and gift bags to boot! We have nationwide sponsors picking up the tab, so join us for lots of fun! Keep posted for details! 

Home Is In the Heart

          Almost three million children are homeless each year in America; that's one in every thirty kids.  According to one study, 69 percent of youth in Federally funded shelters are under twelve years of age, with thirty-five percent under five years old.  Homelessness is a growing crisis and affects us all.  


          When children enter a Federally funded program such as a shelter, it's the parent that receives comfort, and their necessities meet when they walk in the door.  But the children, who are our nation's future leaders, need something too.  They need to be told that we see them.  They need to be told that we care.  That's where Home Is In the Heart and The Blessing in a Bag comes in. 


          Home Is In the Heart is the story of an eight-year-old girl named Unique who goes from living in her car to living in a shelter. At the shelter, she's given The Blessing in a Bag, which entails a children's Bible, a lap blanket, a coloring book and colored pencils, a stuffed animal, candy, and a letter from a peer who used to live at the shelter.  All of these items comfort her and help her bond with the other children in the shelter. In the book, Unique is initially focused on one thing: finding a house for her and her mother to move into.  Her mother helps her realize that home is not where you live but who is in your heart. 

"So even though we are at the shelter, we are home because you're in my heart, and I'm in yours?" Unique asked. 

"Yep," Momma answered. 

"What about Grandma Alice?" She's in heaven.  But she's in my heart. Is she home?" Unique asked. 

"Yes. Home is whoever is in your heart."  

"Is Jake the dog home even though we had to leave him behind when we had to leave our apartment?" 

"Yes, he sure is," said Mom.

"And my best friend Bella from next door?"  

"Bella too!"  

"Does home get too full?"  

"Home never gets full," Mom said.  "There's always room for more in home."

           In January 2023, we will be donating our first 250 Blessings in a Bags, complete with everything mentioned in the story (the Jesus Storybook Bible, coloring book, coloring pencils w/pencil sharpener, candy, lap blanket, backpack/bag, stuffed animal, and letter from another child), including a copy of the book, Home is in the Heart. If you would like to pray for this project or support it in any way or would like to offer Blessings in a Bag to your local shelter, please look at the options below (and don't forget to share information with friends!).  

*Story condensed for room.

100% of all donations to our ministry have ALWAYS gone towards the ministry, and it's our commitment that they will ALWAYS will go towards the ministry.    

Commit to Pray

Leslie is a prayer warrior and there's no where she'd rather be than in the throne room of God interceeding on behalf of others, so she knows the power of prayer.  If you are willing to commit to pray for Leslie, this project, and Yeshu'a Ministries, we are ETERNALLY grateful!

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BUY Home is in the Heart

Leslie was raised in relative poverty.  Had it not been for the intervention of her grandparents, her family would have been homeless due to her fathers alcoholism and rage addictions.  That's what led her to write Home is in the Heart, a book about transition, wanting and learning that no matter where you are, home is not a place, but those you hold closest to you, whether that's in memory, distance, or right next to you. 

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Sponsor 1 Blessing in a Bag for $50.00 (Fifty dollars)

Sponsor a Blessing in a Bag for $50.00, which includes a copy of Leslie's book, Home is in the Heart, The Jesus Storybook Bible, a coloring book, colored pencils/crayons, stuffed animal, candy, a lap blanket, a backpack, and a letter from another child. All items are new.  

Donate Unreserved Amount

Do you want to sponsor more than one Blessing in a Bag or just donate a specific amount towards the project or ministry?  Then this is your button.  

Leslie is the author of the faith-based series, The Faith of..., including, but not limited to, The Faith of Condoleezza Rice and The Faith of Mike Pence.  Leslie writes and has written with and for countless leaders and politician on both sides of the aisle over her three-decade career writing for television, radio and print media. Her books are available on


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Leslie Montgomery on Mike Huckabee's TBN Show

Yeshu'a Ministries Proudly Supports Victims of Sex Trafficking and Domestic Violence

There will always be something bigger than ourselves. Naturally, at some point in our lives, we seek answers to the things we can’t understand. This is especially true when we are facing challenges that seem impossible to overcome.

God knows all about it, which is why He gave us the Bible. The scripture, with all of His teachings, will serve as our guide to life. All the answers are in the book. That’s why we at Leslie Montgomery Ministries set out on the journey to share its content in different ways, including books, talks, and other related programs.

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